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The Society is named for Saint Thomas More, the 16th century lawyer who served as Lord Chancellor of England, the king’s chief minister and the country’s highest judicial officer, under Henry VIII. Henry broke with the Roman Catholic Church and demanded that each of his subjects submit to the Oath of Supremacy. As a matter of conscience, Saint Thomas More refused to take the Oath, resigned the chancellorship, and eventually suffered martyrdom at Henry’s command. Pope Pius XI canonized Saint Thomas More on the 400th anniversary of his martyrdom in 1935. He is the Patron Saint of Lawyers in the Catholic Church and on October 31, 2000, Pope John Paul II formally proclaimed St. Thomas More the Patron Saint of Statesmen and Politicians as well.

Goals of the Society

  • To promulgate the highest standards of professionalism, skill, ethics, integrity, civility, dignity, and justice in the legal community, as exemplified by the life of Saint Thomas More;
  • To sponsor the annual Red Mass;
  • To perform and support charitable works within the community;
  • To promote the social, intellectual, and spiritual welfare of our members; and
  • To be a source of fellowship for our members and other lawyers within the Diocese of Las Vegas and Reno.

Annual Red Mass and Gala

The Society’s key service in Nevada is sponsorship of the Red Mass. The Red Mass is celebrated annually in the Catholic Church for judges, attorneys, law school professors, canon lawyers, law students, and other government officials. The tradition dates to medieval Europe coinciding with the beginning of judicial calendars. It is a call to God, and an invocation of the Holy Spirit, to bestow wisdom upon judges, lawyers, and lawmakers for the coming year. The Society also holds a banquet associated with the Red Mass. This banquet is designed to encourage fellowship among the legal community and to promulgate the goals of the Society. While the Red Mass and banquet are aimed primarily at Catholic members of the legal community, attendance is not limited to any specific group of individuals; members of the general public are welcome.

Monthly Programs

The Society sponsors talks and reflections designed to foster the spiritual and professional growth of its members through discussions on ethical and moral issues. These sessions are designed to further legal scholarship in the tradition of our patron Saint Thomas More.

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 97404
Las Vegas, NV  89193-7404

Phone: (702) 361-7480

Email: info@stmnevada.org 

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